Mateus Meets Pierre Frey

The colorful exuberance of Mateus tableware meets the stylistic ingenuity of Pierre Frey wallpapers in a peep-show installation curated by Yatzer at Mateus’ flagship store in Stockholm during Summer Design Week. Taking advantage of the “mix-and-match” philosophy of Mateus’ collections and Pierre Frey’s creative synthesis of traditional and contemporary motifs, the two brands come together in an audacious celebration of aesthetic eclecticism. Taking a cue from the ubiquitous circular shape in Mateus’ products, from plates and bowls to cups and saucers, a series of round cut-outs inside and outside the store reveal several ceramic compositions set against an eclectic selection of Pierre Frey’s wallpaper designs whose vibrant palette and stylized prints boldly complement Mateus’ vivid colours and rich decorations.


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