Tokyo 4 – A Study in Craftmanship and Materials

An exhibition during Stockholm Design Week 2020 at ASPLUND Showroom that presents four unique pieces designed by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, marking the start of a new storage series being introduced to the market later this year. Tokyo 4 is a series of furniture with storage for the center of the room that is actually the precursor to our popular Palais series.

The new furniture series is our collective celebration of our Swedish craftsmen, manufacturing methods, and often material. Sweden’s talented furniture men and women deserve both appreciation and support these days since over the last years, we've witnessed too many dedicated souls being forced to close down their small factories when the industry has deserted them for mass production.

Open days/hours:
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Sun by appointment only

Address: Sibyllegatan 31, 114 42, Stockholm