MISSCHIEFS is a groundbreaking feminist nomadic exhibition of contemporary collectible design showcasing a unique group of ten trailblazing Swedish women designers and one invited guest selected for the punk nature of their work at the crossing of design, craft, and art. All pieces are exclusively made for MISSCHIEFS in limited edition. Designers and artists: Anna Nordström, Åsa Jungnelius, Sara Szyber, Emma Marga Blanche, Maja Michaelsdotter Ericsson, Farvash, Anita Graffman, Anna Kraitz, Kitty Schumacher, Märta Mattsson. Stockholm guest: Yngvild Saeter. In collaboration with BOLON, THE CASE FOR HER, GALLERY ANDREHN-SCHIPTJENKO and TEENAGE ENGINEERING.


Photographer : Kimberly Ihre

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Stureplan 6 114 35  Stockholm Sverige