Marcus Bois & d'Enghien

Marcus Bois & d´Enghien is a Belgian multi-disciplinary artist living in Stockholm. He devotes himself to his passion full time
since 2012. As well as creating and exhibiting his paintings, drawings and installations, he has collaborated with some interior
companies and designers in Brussels, Paris and Stockholm. The funny characters of the Molly Wolly Marcus Show and the
concept of passing time are two major themes in his artistic approach. He recently created an interior collection of
hand-embroidered cushions and a series of hand painted lampshades inspired by the Swedish way of life.

As well as launching his collection “Hej på dig” of interior cushions, Marcus Bois & d´Enghien creates some hand painted
lampshades. The series is inspired by the Swedish way of life and the rhythm of the seasons. With all the characters of the Molly Wolly Marcus Show painted by hand, each lampshade becomes a unique object of decoration. The overall vibe is fun and chic
with neutral tones which can look great in any setting.

Opening time:
Galleri Hind
Hälsingegatan 33 - Stockholm
Thursday Sept 8 – 17/20 - Opening
Friday Sept 9 – 17/20
Saturday Sept 10 – 12/17
Sunday Sept 11 – 12/17

Instagram @marcus_bois

Marcus Bois & d'Enghien

Galleri Hind, Hälsingegatan 33   Stockholm Sverige