Pagunette A/S was established in Denmark in 1960 and today is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of quality textiles for home and public decor. Through all the years, we have worked to become the preferred partner for our many customers throughout Scandinavia.

Pagunette - High value for money.
Not all interiors look the same, so why should you settle for any less than 2000 different flame retardant fabrics, when decoration your space? We always have a wide variety of fabric types, colours and patterns in stock, from dimout to sheer curtains and from herringbone weave to velvet and chenille. We launch two progressive and beautiful collections every year. One during the spring, so you can get all set up for another lovely Nordic summer. And one during the fall, to prepare for the long dark nights. Our collections always reflect the spirit of the moment and are as modern as they are beautiful, with a clear through line (or red thread as the saying goes in the Scandinavian countries), but we always aim to make our designs as timeless as possible. That way, we ensure that the designs are as long lasting, as the curtains they adorn.

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