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Kerstin Wickman about Bauhaus

This year celebrates 100 years since the legendary Bauhaus art school opened in Germany in 1919. In-between World War I and World War II, the Bauhaus changed the expression for modern design. We asked Kerstin Wickman, Professor of History of Design and Crafts as well as founder and member of the jury for the design competition Formex Nova and member of the jury for Formex Formidable, about Bauhaus art School.

What was Bauhaus’ greatest contribution?
The pedagogical approach that was used when interacting with the students. This approach had a major impact on the transformation of the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden after World War II. But most of all the school influenced modern architecture, which was also noticeable in the Nordic countries. Building costs, and thus rental costs, fell thanks to the standardization and line manufacturing of building elements.

How has it affected Nordic design?
The geometric, undecorated and minimalistic design promoted by the Bauhaus gained popularity in the 1930s and the 1950s. Steel tubes had an impact on furniture design in the 1960s.

Are ideas from the school still relevant?
Today, as we strive to protect our resources, the goal of minimizing consumption of materials is just as relevant as it was back then. The energy, the desire to improve the material world, is also just as important. But back then neither the teachers nor the students were as knowledgeable about the impact of production and materials on the environment as we are today. We have taken huge strides forward since then.

More about Bauhaus

During Summer Design Week the Museum of Furniture Studies celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School. From their collection they highlight Bauhaus furniture together with examples reflected in Nordic design. See the classic Wassily chair and enjoy other design icons.

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In August 19-25, the city of Stockholm will be buzzing with design events, openings, seminars and cocktails. Summer Design Week engage design-interested people living in, and visiting, Stockholm. Let's celebrate a world of design!




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