Colors that stayed with us after Stockholm Design Week 2020

A few weeks have passed since Stockholm Design Week and all the impressions and inspirations we gathered have now been sorted and processed. From the hundreds of events that we visited during the week, what we can’t seem to stop thinking about is the color palette we spotted! A bold, yet soothing group of trend colors that we can’t wait to see more of in 2020.

Color Trends 2020


Shades of brown

Brown has really climbed its way to the top of trend colors both in interior and fashion this year. Dark woods, light woods, heavy textiles, leather and ceramics – brown was definitely on everyone’s mind.

Splashes of color

We spotted a trend of playful, decadent and provocative way of using colors at several companies this year. Very contemporary, a way of challenging current norms and what is considered beautiful. Sensational Red and Elegant Pink were recurring colors during the week.


Dark grey, elegant grey, warm grey – inspired by the weather in Stockholm in February, serious and monochrome, grey shades found its way into the top trend colors of 2020.



Photo: Bolon


Photo: Dry Studios


Photo: Arkdes

Doshi Levien Stockholm Design Week 2020 

Photo: Doshi Levien, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Designbaren Fredrik Paulsen Stockholm Design Week 2020 

Photo: Fredrik Paulsen's Fun Fair, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair


Cinnamon 40340-Y60R

Warm Gray 1002-Y50R

Elegant Gray 5005-R80B

Elegant Pink 2030-R40B

Red Sensational 1070-R




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