Blique by Nobis - Bruno Ehrs

Blique by Nobis

Raw and honest – in a legacy of architect Sigurd Lewerentz

This concrete building on Gävlegatan in Stockholm was designed for Philips in the 1930s. It was planned and constructed by Sigurd Lewerentz, one of Sweden’s most famous architects, known worldwide for his brilliant work, such as Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm, also known as the Woodland cemetery, a Unesco World Heritage which he designed together with his colleague and friend Gunnar Asplund.

Simplicity, elegance and careful choices of materials are characteristics for Lewerentz’s buildings. This one is no exception. With his eye for details and the ability to remove unnecessities, he knew how to combine modernity with centuries-old history, making his work timeless.

In 2015 Nobis Hospitality Group teamed up with Wingårdhs architects, under the leadership of star architect Gert Wingårdh, to create a contemporary hotel with a design concept based on the history of Lewerentz and the heritage he left behind.

Blique by Nobis - Bruno Ehrs

Photo: Bruno Ehrs

Lewerentz former warehouse was turned into a contemporary hotel, Wingårdh ensuring that the architectural integrity of the original structure remained intact, with a design concept defined by the use of concrete, steel and exposed metal pipework. Timeless natural materials such as leather and oak, as well as tactile textures like velvet and wool, have been layered onto the industrial base to create interiors that are urban, yet warm and welcoming. The result is a sharp interior, raw and honest.

“Working with historic buildings is a challenge and a learning experience,” says Helena Toresson, Architect at Wingårdhs. “It’s important to find a reasonable balance between respect and disrespect. Having the courage both to preserve and to create something new. Being aware throughout the process. Seeing the unique features that emerge and can be saved to add character and tell the story of the past. With Nobis we have been privileged to reshape a number of historic buildings. It’s an equally unique and exciting journey every time.”

Blique by Nobis - Bruno Ehrs

Photo: Bruno Ehrs

Blique by Nobis has 249 guest rooms and 2220 sqm of public spaces, including Boketto, the restaurant adjacent to the courtyard, and the Arc Roof Deck with its breathtaking view over Stockholm. The hotel occupies two buildings from different decades – the one designed by Sigurd Lewerentz in the 1930s and a newer office building designed by Alenius-Silverhielm-Åhlund in the 1990s. 

As a tribute to Lewerentz, Blique by Nobis have named their event- and conference rooms after a few of his most famous buildings such as Markuskyrkan in Björkhagen, St Petri church in Lund and the chapels St Gertruds and St Knuts in Malmö cemetery.

Where: Gävlegatan 19

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Blique by Nobis - Bruno Ehrs

Photo: Bruno Ehrs


Blique by Nobis - Andre Pihl

Photo: Andre Pihl





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