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The Official bar Stockholm Design Week 2020 - Alma Trägårdh

We are happy to announce that we, for the first time, have an official bar for Stockholm Design Week and we’re absolutely delighted that it is Alma Trägårdh. A hub for creatives, entrepreneurs and artists in a building boosting with design history, it is the perfect fit”, says Kristian Slättberg, Operative Event Manager, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Stockholm’s members’ club and gathering spot for the creative set.

In an effort to unite Sweden’s creative crowd, Fredrik Carlström – a Stockholm-born New York transplant with a background from advertising, film and design – launched the members’ club and co-working space Alma in 2017.

Recognizing the growing need for new forms of workspace and collaborative environments, Alma was founded for the sole purpose of nurturing people and their ideas. Designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists, every detail of the house was considered – from the art on the walls to the ambitious social calendar.

Architectural firm Tham & Videgård was commissioned to help refurbish the building and proposed elements that provide continuity throughout the space – a colored patterned floor made of ceramic tiles, a system of built-in shelves, and a circular pendant light was designed specifically for Alma and used as a floating ceiling throughout the space. The resulting eponymous “w171 Alma” is produced by Wästberg and won Best Lighting at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture and Lightning Fair. In addition, shaker-inspired wood details throughout the house were made by carpenter Moa Ott. Hand-made ceramics signs and hangers were commissioned by Sara Söderberg. A mobile light installation was designed by Kasper Friis Kjeldgaard and artist Helena Lund Ek was commissioned to create site-specifi c murals, spreading across several floors.

Carlström added furniture from producers like PP Møbler, De La Espada and Austere with design by the likes of Ilse Crawford, Neri & Hu, Matthew Hilton, and Hans Wegner, making Alma one giant showroom for great design and art. Just months after its opening Alma was awarded “Best Interior Design” by The Association of Swedish Architects.

When Alma opened, Carlström had just closed Austere Market, a celebrated conceptual pop-up store for design, located in Los Angeles and open for little over two years.
“For such a creative city, we felt Stockholm lacked a space to congregate, so we created Alma for ourselves and our friends. Turns out, we were not the only ones that missed a space to go to”, says Carlström.

In 2019 Alma added a bar and named it Trägårdh after Göta Trägårdh (1904–1984), one of the prominent figures in Swedish fashion and textile design. Together with Anders Beckman, she founded the Beckmans School of Design in 1939, which for a long time housed in the building on Nybrogatan 8, now home to Alma. Inspired by Göta’s bold, organic textile patterns, the bar incorporates floral design and serves seasonally inspired drinks and great classic cocktails.

Although Alma is members-only, the bar is open to everyone, Wednesdays through Saturdays. To run the bar, well-known characters from Stockholm’s night life were recruited – Program Manager Lill Lindqvist and head bartender Andrés Basile who has created a special Stockholm Design Week cocktail.

The Daiquiri is one of the oldest cocktails, dating back to the 1900’s. Although it consists of only three ingredients – rum, lime and sugar – it has stood the test of time”, says Andrés Basile.
For Stockholm Design Week, Basile will let guests try the Daiquiri six different ways using rum from six different islands, thus naming the drink ‘Six Different Ways’.

We have been an unofficial watering hole during Stockholm Design Week since we opened, so we are super happy to make it offi­cial this year”, says Petra Stenvall-Thompson, Marketing Manager at Alma.

Where: Nybrogatan 8
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