Zandra Rhodes

Summer Design Week features international design and fashion stars

The second Summer Design Week will be held in Stockholm with an exciting program for all design and fashion enthusiasts. Fashion legend Zandra Rhodes will kick off her celebration of 50 years in the fashion industry with an exhibition at Stockholms Auktionsverk. World-famous interior designer Costas Voyatzis will also be coming to Stockholm to create a unique installation, and Moooi will visit the Dutch embassy to hold a design lecture on sustainability.

Summer Design Week brings together participants within the interior design, art, craftsmanship, fashion, music and food craftsmanship industries to celebrate design and showcase Stockholm as a design city. The city will be buzzing August 19–25 with a number of different design events at everything from galleries and exhibition halls to museums and other cultural institutions. Stockholmers and tourists gather to visit open showrooms, exhibitions, workshops and mingle evenings. Formex is also being held at the same time at Stockholmsmässan.

“With Summer Design Week in August and Stockholm Design Week in February, we want to strengthen Stockholm as a design destination within sustainability and Scandinavian lifestyle”, says Chicie Lindgren, Head of Stockholm Design Events at Stockholmsmässan.

British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes is in Stockholm with a colorful exhibition at Stockholms Auktionsverk, where she will auction her artwork, posters and several exclusively selected garments. Interior designer Costas Voyatzis, who comes from Greece and also founded the successful online destination Yatzer, curates a meeting between the brands Mateus and the French textile company Pierre Frey.

Summer Design Week is introducing the playful concept Design Diplomacy for the first time in Sweden. Design Diplomacy was initiated by Helsinki Design Week to promote relationships between countries and designers. Design Diplomacy, which has previously been held in Tokyo, Reykjavik, Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Canberra and New York , will be held at the Dutch embassy and feature among others designer Rick Tegelaar from Dutch Moooi.

Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s national arena for art and design, is one of the partners behind design week, which features design breakfasts, after work events and specially guided tours of the exhibition on Danish Finn Juhl.

Peep-show at Mateus

Visit Mateus' flagship store and explore the peep-show installation curated by interior designer Costas Voyatzi. The colorful exuberance of Mateus tableware meets the stylistic ingenuity of Pierre Frey wallpapers.

Event Calendar

In August 19-25, the city of Stockholm will be buzzing with design events, openings, seminars and cocktails. Summer Design Week engage design-interested people living in, and visiting, Stockholm. Let's celebrate a world of design!




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